About Frankie & Flo

Frankie & Flo is a jewellery collection designed for whatever your mood is. Feeling glamorous? We’ve got beautiful things for you. Sassy? We got your back. Elegant? Of course. Everyday wear? That too.

Is your personal style contemporary? Or do you prefer timeless? We can help!

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Do you need to show someone how much you care? Then we’re the collection for you.

We have gone to some lengths to ensure that our collection is of superior quality. All our pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver. This is an alloy which is 92.5% silver by weight. It’s combined with other metals to increase hardness and strength and is the ideal material for beautiful, elegant, long-lasting jewellery.

It’s also very important to us that we do no harm, so we source our materials responsibly from suppliers who can demonstrate to us that they have ethical social and environmental practices.

Having beautiful items is not enough. So we strive to provide outstanding customer service. We know everyone says that, so we say try us out, and if you don’t like the items or the service, then let us know and we will walk over coals to help.

So the question is: are you Frankie? Or are you Flo?